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At Biwako 2020, examinations for Sei-Shihan (3-dan) and Dai-Shihan (4-dan) will be opened. Challengers should be regular members of the International Shintaido Project.

To registrate, please fill out a separate form for each exam you want to take (fields marked with an asterisk* are required).




  • The examinee is a regular and active member at all levels of Shintaido organisations (local, continental and international).
  • The examinee has the support of a sempai or “elder” in the exam’s discipline.
  • The examinee will participate in the entire Biwako 2020 event (especially the Advanced Workshop).



  • As the time at the event will be limited and examinations numerous, pre-exam master classes and performances will be organized for the benefit of examinees at the Advanced Workshop. Planning for these activities will take place several months well before the event, and registration for exams will not be possible after this planning is completed.
  •  As it is assumed that the decision to take such a high-level exam is thought about and made well in advance, examinees should register before July 1st.
  • To register, fill out a separate registration form for each examination to be taken among the four Shintaido disciplines.
  • An acknowledgment will be sent to you by Examination Coordinator HIRANO Mieko.
  • If not yet done, also register your participation to the Biwako 2020 event. Your examination registration will only be considered effective after registration to the event is received.
  • Upon arrival at the event site, please go to the examination registration counter to receive the final examination instructions and pay the remaining exam and diploma fees according to examinations challenged.



  • Examination fee : 100€, paid in Euros or Yens equivalent after arrival.
  • Diploma fees : 100€, paid in Euros after arrival (returned if not passing).



  • The core of practice for the Advanced Workshop will be centered on the San-dan and Yon-dan examination programs by the way of master classes, collegial practices, and mock exams, as mentioned above. The subject matter will mainly be intended for higher rank holders and examinees. However, Sho-dan and Ni-dan holders not preparing for exams will be able to benefit from the process by practicing with their sempai and through mitori geiko.
  • The collegial keikos will be organised according to the examinees, based on their personal needs and preferences. Shodan and Nidan instructors not preparing for exams will be invited to join an appropriate collegial keiko group according to their current grade and the Shintaido discipline they wish to practice with their sempai (Bojutsu, Kenjutsu, Karate or Honka (Free Hand).
  • Master classes, collegial practices and mock exams will vary in content and approach according to the needs for those preparing for exams. For everyone and especially for Sho-dan and Nidan instructors not preparing for an exam, these classes will give unique opportunities to experience — by mitori-geiko — good and in-depth examples of advanced kata & kumite studied by various high ranking sempai.
  • On the morning of Saturday, 7 November, a public performance of all examinations will be given.