Shintaido Quadriennal Internationals are unique events during which you will meet with Shintaido masters and enjoy rich collegial interactions at the highest level. To celebrate our new International Shintaido college of instructors’ organization, this Biwako 2020 has been designed according to a totaly new approach.

The theme

和気藹々     Waki ai ai !

“和気藹々/Waki ai ai” describes an atmosphere or a situation where a group of people gather and share joy, laughter, happiness and peace with open-hearts, and the vibrations of these conditions spread into wider communities and fill and surround the earth and the universe. 

“和気/Waki” literally means “energy of peace and harmony”, and “藹々/ai-ai” describes trees and plants growing and spreading their leaves vibrantly. The word also implies the importance of “co-existence” and “inter-dependency”, not only amongst humans but also with animals, plants and all of nature.

Advanced Workshop

Nov. 5 eve. to Nov. 6 all day

The Doshu, assisted by ITEC members, will offer Master Classes based on the demonstration of third and fourth grades challengers.

  • All instructors, members of International Shintaido, are welcome to assist and learn by observation.
  • In between master classes, various collegial keiko, to which all present are invited,  will be organised by the challengers themselves, under ITEC supervision.

In Shintaido ‘s fifty years of existence, this form of learning at high level by demonstration and interactions on exam subjects themselves in condition of actual examination is totaly new. The Doshu’s deep feeling is that it truly meets the original essence of the Shintaido discipline.

General event

Nov. 7 – pm to Nov. 8 am

Two practices dedicated to Shintaido as a Life Expression.

Our Doshu, initial members of the founding community, will share their latest understandings about the Shintaido keiko that emerged fifty years ago in Japan.

Open to all levels of practitioners in Japan and overseas, with invitation of their attending instructor.

General Membership Meeting

Nov. 6 – evening

This is the highlight of the democratic life of our community. After the reorganization in 2016 and four years of intense activity, the Board of Directors hopes an amplification of the new breath of Shintaido.

Examinations performance

Nov.7 – a.m.

Third and fourth grades challengers will officialize their grade in related disciplines by giving a public performance of their abilities.

All participants are welcome to assist to this highly ritualized demonstration, “peak” moment of the whole event.


Nov. 7 evening

A high, yet relaxed, time of the

Waiki ai ai spirit  !